Patient calculation and perfect timing, combined with a drone platform's ability to hover just off the surface of a lake delivers beautiful results.

The Team

Northeast Drone Video is a collaborative effort of Terry Holland and Rick Sands.

 Terry has been involved with technology development for years and has been an early adopter in the multirotor media development field. A frequent contributor at, at panel presentations (M.I.T. Drone commercialization panel, TechSandbox), on NPR, and print media, Holland has become a drone applications evangelist.  His film and television training and experience combined with his marketing and presentation expertise help bring a seasoned view to the practical applications of drone video and photography.

Rick is a Director of Photography whose roots are in cinema production.  He has played various roles in lighting on 35 theatrical motion pictures with directors such as Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and Sam Raimi; 47 television movies, over 100 one-hour television episodes and numerous advertisements.  He was responsible for many award-winning projects; including three commercials he shot that have won Addy Awards.  For nearly twelve years, Sands has created the elaborate lighting for the fine art narrative photographs of artist Gregory Crewdson.  Through this unique collaboration, Sands' lighting has been featured in 4 books and several international photographic exhibition tours.  Crewdson on Sands:  "I always call him "the genius of light."  He puts all the lighting scenes together ... he thinks differently than everyone else I know.  He just responds to light.  It's remarkable."

Terry usually pilots the dual operator rig and Rick usually pilots the 3-axis stabilized, gimbal-controlled 4K camera on board.